iworkoutsometimes said: when are we going to play with each other

whenever u actually start talking to me Im too shy to talk to u u seem too cool for me :(


shakalakanaka said: woahh vincent did you take all of those photos??

yes ma’am!

Kids formed a circle on a playground made me reminisce about my childhood.
Pretty doc :) harbor
Watching the Orangutan at the Ft worth zoo got me putting myself in their situation. Their cage was pretty small and they looked super bored. That little cage that they were on are the only thing they know. Before they sleep and right when they wake up gives the exact meaning of “Same Sh!t different day” it was amusing watching them play with the whole situation was in my head which made me sad at the same time

I found these two black bears kissing on the corner. When more people came along they even tried hiding their kisses.